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***Members trying to login. Please use the "Lost Password" function to reset and retrieve your password to get into the forums. You must be using the e-mail address that you signed on with in order to get the info sent to you, or you can email us at Membership@cbradioforum.com and we will try to help.***



Welcome to the CB Radio Forum. We strive to provide you with the best CB and radio related information. We want all of our members to read and understand these few rules and guidelines. This will provide you with the tools and etiquette for using the forum. It is important that you understand this information so if a Administrator/Moderator steps into a discussion there are no questions as to why he/she stepped in.

1. The forum is a source for honest help, we will not allow any user to knowingly post false or misleading content.

2. This is a CB radio forum; we would like it to stay radio or radio related. Though it is almost impossible to avoid a heated debate about politics, religion, and some other non radio related subjects, we ask that this type of material not be posted on the forum. The one area on the forum where we do allow a more broad discussion is in the Non-Related radio area. This area is closely monitored by our Administrators/moderators and they will take any action that they deem necessary.

3. Flaming or bashing is not allowed! No member has the right to abuse or disrespect another member. This includes but is not limited to: Foul language, racial slurs, or Internet acronyms that reference foul language.

4. Members may not post vulgar language, or sexually explicit material. Members cannot post links to sites containing such material. People who violate this will be considered for removal and the Administrators/Moderators will take the necessary action they see fit.

5. People have there own opinion on different products, post with personal knowledge or experience, or don't post at all. No wars on what brand is better.

6. You are welcome to answer questions and gather information. Promotion of your business or another however, is prohibited.

7. Do not post frivolous remarks. If you want to talk to someone specific, use the Private Message function. If their PM's are disabled and they have there Email address not listed in their profile, you can post to ask them to turn on their Private Messages.

8. Mass emailing or mass pm'ing members of this forum is not allowed and will result in you being banned from this forum. No second chances.

9. All sales or trades in the Lets Make a Deal section are between the two individuals involved in the deal. Xforce Inc. or the forum is neither responsible nor liable for any issues that may arise. We urge parties involved and only those parties with any transactions to leave feedback, positive or negative, in the transaction Feedback section.

10. If you have one or more bad dealings or complaints about you in the Transaction Feedback section and do not do anything to resolve the situation, you may be banned from selling in the Lets Make a Deal section or banned from the forum.

11. Do not call Xforce if you have an issue with this forum or someone on this forum. Please direct your inquiries to the forum Administrators/Moderators through Private Messages. You may also write membership@cbradioforum.com

12. All contests are for fun. There are sometimes prizes for winning a contest. If prizes are awarded, it is the decision of the forum Administrators/Moderators running the contest and all decisions are final.

13. Avatar pictures may be a maximum of 150 x 150 pixels and signature pictures may be a maximum of 320 x 240 pixels give or take a bit. Larger pictures will be removed from your profile. Members are not permitted to have any custom avatar that could be deemed to be offensive, vulgar or sexually explicit.

14. Members are expected to post their question or comment into the appropriate forum. If a thread is posted in an inappropriate forum, the Administrator/Moderator has the right to move that thread to the appropriate forum

15. Members are not allowed to post a thread into more than one (1) forum section. We want members to maintain one thread per topic, thereby allowing better organization. Duplicate posts will be deleted from the forums.

16. Once signed up on the forum, use that user name and only that name. We do not allow users to have multiple names (accounts). We find no reason for 2 names other than to cover up misuse of the forum. If you'd like a different name, contact an Administrator and they will update your login.

17. Please keep the Net slang and shorthand to a minimum to make it easier for everyone to understand. Not everyone here appreciates if you type like this if U Kn0w wAt eYe m33n! Plain English is always preferable.

18. Please use the search function before you start a new post. There are sometimes countless threads on the same question.

19. When you ask or answer a question, please be as detailed as possible. It is hard to show emotion with the written word, so work you post carefully.

20. No links to other cb and amp related business' or forums!

21. No links and or connections to MySpace, Face book, etc. We don't have time to monitor what goes on at other sites that may not adhere to what we consider respectable here.

Our dedicated Administrator/Moderator staff monitors this board closely, but cannot often find each and every violation. If you find material on the forum which you think may be a violation of any of the above guidelines, you are asked to report it to the Administrator/Moderator rather than engaging the situation yourself. You may report to the Administrator/Moderator by clicking the "Report this post to a moderator" link which is displayed with each post.

And finally, have fun...that's what the forum is all about!!

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